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About Us

About Babies and Buddies

Here at Babies and Buddies Early Childhood Centre, our philosophy is: To develop the inner spark in every child so they shine on the outside.

To achieve this we identify each child’s unique interests and needs, tailoring daycare programs to suit their personality and encourage development.

We also place great importance on involving family, whanau and community in each child’s journey and learning experiences.

If you are looking for great quality West Auckland daycare near you – look no further! Read on for more information about our vision and objectives.

Aims for Children
  • We believe that play is vital for child development
  • We encourage children to initiate their own play and empower them to become independent problem solvers and good communicators
  • By nurturing a sense of belonging our children develop inner wellbeing, confidence and a sense of identity
  • We offer a skills enrichment program to build a strong foundation of skills in each child and prime them for a successful transition to school
Aims for Families
  • We believe that families and the community play an integral role in children’s play and learning experiences
  • We aim to work in a partnership with families/whanau
  • We aim to prompt reciprocal and open communication and involve families in decision-making
  • We encourage family/whanau to participate in centre activities and the play programme
  • As Educators we fully support and nurture children to initiate their own play and offer them praise and encouragement
  • Our programme plan is developed from the children’s ideas and interests. Child observations are the assessment tool we use to evaluate and improve our programme
  • As Educators we are reliable, knowledgeable, passionate and responsive who involve ourselves in children’s play, which we consider to be our work
Social Responsibility
  • We believe that all children are equal, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, ability or beliefs and that all children must be given the same opportunities in the centre
  • We recognize the significance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi by incorporating respect for and understanding of Te Reo, Tikanga and Whanaungatanga
  • As Educators we role model non-violent, non-sexist and non-racist behaviour
  • Children know and understand the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour
  • We offer children a fun, inviting space where they can initiate their own play
  • We offer children a safe, clean, attractive environment which allows children to engage in a wide range of learning experiences
  • We offer children opportunities to play with and alongside a mixed age range of children

Quality early childhood care & education from 3 months - 5 years old

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Address: 141 Universal Drive, Henderson, Auckland 0610